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Who are we?

We are a team of passionate motorcycle travellers with decades of experience riding across the Globe and hundreds of thousands of miles on our mileage display.

Our urge to master greater distances and travel deeper into the areas unknown to us, took some of us literally to the end of the world and back. The experience of being on the road for days on end, alone or in a group, would always profoundly change the way in which we perceived ourselves and bring closer the cultures and ways of life so much different from those in the little corner of the world that we call home. The people we met, the landscapes we felt, the food we tried (and reacted to) on the way, and most of all, the sensation of being ONE with the places we rode through, would leave an indelible trace on our minds, souls and bodies, each time we travelled. The intense dynamics of life on the road is something we find unbeatable in terms of experiences aimed at breaking our daily routines and taking us further away from our comfort zones.

If you wish to reach beyond the horizon of familiar landscapes and cultures, Moto Tours Europe is the right place to start.

Why to choose us?

The routes we have designed? Experience with us some of the world's best motorcycle routes. We have carefully planned and selected our tours in order to provide you with the best possible riding experience, together with cultural and historical sights, beautiful natural scenery, tasty local specialties and the highest quality of accommodation. 

Our guides? We are especially proud of our guides. With hundreds of thousands of miles of proven riding experience worldwide, including some of the most challenging parts of the world, having experienced almost all continents in motorcycle touring, including a tour around the world, you will surely enjoy the experience of riding with them.     

The food? Taste the best of the local authentic cuisines and find the specialties that pair with your soul.  

The accommodation? We have carefully selected the locations of overnight stays and we pay special attention to making sure you feel like home when away from home. 

The experience? Apart of the joy and fun while on the road, we have made sure to provide for you an extra experience of significant additional value. Depending on the tours that you choose, there will be a lot of cultural and historical sightseeing, learning about the natural environment, and providing all the facts necessary to uderstand the social and traditional background of any specific areas covered by our routes.  

Our bikes? We made sure that you ride the best motorcycles on the market. All our bikes are the top standard, high-end and very comfortable touring bikes that you will enjoy ridinig.  

Join us for an amazing riding experience, feel vibrant and free, while enjoing our all-inclusive tours... 

Allow us to take you beyond the horizon.  

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