9 tips to prepare for best motorcycle holidays

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9 tips to prepare for the best motorcycle holidays

Motorcycle holidays are one of the most exciting adventures of your lifetime. Being alone on your motorcycle with nothing but a curvy road ahead and your thoughts swirling can be very interesting and revealing. However, motorcycle holidays can also turn into a real hell on the road if you are not properly ready for what you might encounter during your road trip.

That said, if you are setting out for your first motorcycle holiday alone or in a company, learning about a few helpful tips from experienced people will make your ride more pleasant. Preparation is the key and this is why we have assembled a motorcycle holiday guide! Read our 9 step guide to prepare for amazing motorcycle holidays and get ready to take your motorcycle journey more comfortable and hassle-free.

Here are our 9 tips to get the most out of your motorcycle road trip!

1. Choose your ride wisely for motorcycle holidays ahead

When you imagine going off to motorcycle holidays, you probably have the vision of a person on a really cool looking motorcycle. Well, as it turns out, a cool looking bike shouldn’t be the only matter of your concern.

If you are planning motorcycle holidays across the country, make sure that your bike is comfortable. You can always make some modifications to improve the comfort level of your ride, but you don’t want to wais time on that. Especially, if this is one of your first motorcycle holidays. In case you are renting a bike, make sure you pick the ride wisely.

Do the motorcycle bike research and find the one that you can easily take care of and handle on the road. While riding a comfortable bike with a soft seat, sharp headlights, and different handles can make your motorcycle holidays even better! In case you need more help with choosing your ride, read our article!

2. Motorcycle holidays baggage and packing

Before heading out to buy motorcycle luggage, you’ll need to decide on the list of the stuff you’ll going to need on the road. Our best advice is to prioritize the essentials before you are set to pack. When going on a motorcycle holiday in Europe or across the World, as the matter a fact, we always prefer to packing light. Get disposable stuff that you can discard after use and avoid carrying a lot of clothes to change.

On the other hand, finding a perfect set of luggage for your motorcycle holiday can also be challenging. For us, the best kind of motorcycle luggage types are saddlebags that can easily be fixed on the sides of the back seat of the bike. Other luggage include tail-bags and tank banks!

3. Motorcycle holidays clothing

What you are going to bring on your motorcycle road trip fairly depends on the terrain and the climate you are setting to visit. If you are planning a motorcycle holiday in Italy you’ll want to bring airy clothes since the climate is very mild. Heading into the motorcycle holiday in Europe in the Alps during the winter season will require having warm clothes by your side.

However, for motorcycle holidays, regarding the climate, it is imperative to have the essential motorcycle clothing equipment. Aways wear riding pants, ankle boots, comfortable t-shirt, a waterproof jacket, and a full-face helmet. This will allow you to travel safely and long-distance.

P.S. Riding a bike in baggy clothes can cause discomfort which is why we advise wearing fitted clothes!

4. Stay hydrated during your motorcycle holidays

Often neglected, hydration is the single most important aspect of a safe motorcycle holiday. The road can be very long and in faraway places, gas stations and groceries might not be always at your disposal which is why having a bottle of water with you is key.

Motorcycle equipment often includes hydration packs that keep the water cold and comes with a long tube that you can use for drinking without even needing to stop. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you stay focused and on the top of your motorcycle holiday goal!

5. Take brakes while on the road

Don’t push yourself to the furthest limits during your motorcycle holidays. During the long hours on the motorcycle without a break, you can get frustrated and end up with saddle sores. Detect when your body is asking you to take a break and don’t skip it! If you want to improve your stamina on the road, it is better to practice before taking holidays.

While on the break take rest and also check if you need to refuel the tank or if your bike is in good condition.

6. Motorcycle holidays are impossible without the map

If you are not good at remembering the roads, investing, and embracing GPS technology is a smart move. You can even upgrade your motorcycle holidays with the helmet Bluetooth

providing you with live stream GPS directions. However, traveling to distant places with no network requires hardcopy of maps! While it might not be perfect, hardcopy of the maps can give you an idea of the terrain you are about the encounter. In case you get lost, asking locals for directions is also a way to go!

7. Prepare for the unexpected weather during your motorcycle holidays

Before going on a motorcycle holiday, check the weather forecast, and do it every day before you start your biking adventure. Unlike car trips, weather conditions are very important during your motorcycle holidays. The temperature might drop or rise unexpectedly, or it may start pouring - ensure that you are well prepared for all.

Raincoats, waterproof clothes and cover for your luggage is a must!

8. Motorcycle holiday meals

While on the highway, it is best to plan your meals at irregular times to avoid the long waiting hours and crowd. Most people stop to eat at regular lunch and dinner times, which is why you should opt-out to eat sooner - 10.30 am for lunch and 4 pm for dinner.

Eat well and healthy while on the road to keep your energy high. Keep your stomach light when on the bike to keep your focus on the maximum.

9. Avoid frustration and stay motivated during your motorcycle holidays

Days on the road can get tough when you set your distance goal high. Riding for 300km daily can get exhausting and will definitely have an impact on your motorcycle holidays in terms of sights you’d skip reaching your distance goals. To avoid frustrations and keep yourself motivated it is best to take shorter routes and to visit as many places, monuments and sights as much as possible. Enjoying your holiday on the motorcycle is best when you are realistic with your riding goals!

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