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Ride Croatia’s sun-kissed Adriatic coast. You’ll travel the region’s stunning coastal roads while immersing yourself in Croatia’s rich culture and history along the way.

The country’s diverse geography makes it a delight for motorcycle travellers, with vast inland mountain ranges quickly dropping away to sandy beaches lapped by the ocean. It’s also a landscape that boasts a stunning network of world-class biking roads.

Highlights you’ll discover on this tour include riding the Velebit mountain range, the largest in Croatia, and a visit to the stunning Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The adventure continues off the bike as you learn about Croatia’s history, from the rule of the Romans to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Adriatic motorcycle tours designed by Moto Tours Europe team tour save you time by having you fly into the country and riding rental bikes to explore this incredible corner of Europe, with an experienced local guide showing you all the best bits. You can plan it as a longer 12 days guided motorcycle tour or shorter 5 and 6 days tours. These tours can as well be self guided.

For more information and tour booking e-mail the Moto Tours Europe team at info@mototourseurope.com.

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