All you need to know about motorcycle tours in Europe

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All you need to know about motorcycle tours in Europe

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Motorcycle tours and motorcycle touring 

With the fact that you are scrolling the pages of this motorcycle touring and travel lovers web site, you are most certainly a passionate motorbike rider or will become one after you dig deeper into what the motorcycle travel and touring is like. Particularly motorcycle tours in Europe. We would be happy if you become one and we are happy to share the beauty and excitement a motorcycle touring and bringing it out to the general public as certainly one of the best ways of traveling the World.  

Being outside, connected with the eternal road beneath you, and at the same time “in the action” connected directly with open air and sceneries that pass next to you, brings the ultimate feeling of freedom and when combined with travel, for us, passionate motorcycle lovers, motorcycle touring makes number one way of travel we could ever want. And we are happy to share it. Sharing parts of the World or sharing experiences, cuisines, cultures, smells and other beauty of the World we live in is amazing experience and we are thrilled to share it with you in our motorcycle tours.  

You can choose from the most popular guided motorcycle tours, self-guided motorcycle tours, custom guided motorcycle tours, custom self-guided motorcycle tours or just motorcycle rental if you wish to wander on your own. All our motorcycle tours in Europe are carefully designed. 


Motorcycle tours and motorcycle touring in Europe 

Old continent is perfect for motorcycle tours and motorcycle touring. It is full of diversities. Western Europe in all its cultural and historical varieties, Mediterranean in its easy-going charm combined with amazing cuisine, wines and ancient history combined with marvellous seaside of Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Alps with its amazing curvy roads and mountains on top of Europe, thrilling passes of Italian Dolomites with breath taking rocky sceneries, Austrian alps full of green, and Swiss Alps that are the combination of both. Yes, it certainly deserves a bit of geography lesson when eating the traditional apple pie (Apfel strudel), or drinking the best beer, or having amazing goulash soup on the mountain. The smells of oranges in Sicily, taste of wines in Tuscany, delicious seafood of Adriatic, fascinating history of Eastern Europe with its amazing cultural heritage, thrilling Balkans and much more... Through our offer of motorcycle tours in Europe your motorcycle touring and riding experience will arrive to the next level and become your holiday of a lifetime to which you will return and we will be thrilled and happy to arrange for you always your next exciting experience that will without any doubt expand your horizons in all the means.     


Motorcycle holidays and motorcycle tours in Europe 

Yes, holidays can be perfect! When we combine them with our passion for motorcycles and motorcycle ride, it will become your most wanted way of spending your holidaysAnd Europe is perfect for that. It offers such an amazing diversity of natural, cultural, historic and culinary experiences that over 60% of clients return every year to their next motorcycle holiday and adventure. The roads we choose for motorcycle ride are amazing, no matter which direction of the compass or altitude we choose. The sceneries we choose are the best. The cuisine we choose is authentic and carefully picked. The places to stay are carefully chosen to provide you the ultimate holiday experience. 


Guided motorcycle tours 

If you want to bring the motorcycle touring experience to the next level and have a complete ultimate experience that will bring you the best of what a region you choose for your motorcycle tour can offer you, and make sure you do not miss anything; you should certainly choose guided motorcycle tours 

Guided motorcycle tours are hassle free, you pick your favourite tour and date, or in case you come as a group the date can even be set upon your choice and you are ready to enjoy the ride of a lifetime. All of the places to stay are carefully picked up, they are usually picked up in a way to offer the best possible post ride experience, whether it is the view of the mountains you wish to enjoy, the spa, the walking distance to the old towns or historic centres, restaurants and much more you wish to enjoy after a whole day of exciting ride.  

Our guided motorcycle tours are basically full service, all meals included (except on rest days as then you are free to go and, fuel included, ferry rides, road tolls etc. We make it this way in order to provide you the ultimate experience. You just have to take care of riding and enjoying the ride, enjoying the sceneries, meals, wines of the regions we visit, views, seas, mountains, historic monuments and all the beauty each of the tours will offer you. 


Self-guided motorcycle tours 

If you wish to make your motorcycle holiday a bit more on your own, meaning you would like to have the places to stay prearranged but wish to have your pace and wandering experience designed by yourself, you can certainly do so by choosing some of our self-guided motorcycle tours.  We will provide you with gpx file to upload into your gps device and book your places of stay in advance, rent you a motorbike (or you can come with your own) and off you go. Touring Europe by motorcycle is certainly exciting experience however depending on the region we will be happy to advise you on whether to take it as a guided motorcycle tour or self-guided motorcycle tour simply in order you make sure you have got the best of your motorcycle vacation (in many regions would be pity to miss the key sceneries or sights or regions specifics you can only experience on a guided motorcycle tour to the fullest and make sure you don’t waste time and enjoy the most of it).  


Touring motorcycle  

When it comes to touring motorcycles, it's an endless topic and certainly it is something all of us feel for him/herself. The motorcycles are connected with the heart. You buy them with heart and you ride them with heart. So there is not a specific motorcycle for a specific purpose generally. Many people have been touring for decades on their favourite motorbikes no matter if its 125 cc to go to Africa and ride it from the muddy terrains, or through the deserts; or its your Honda Goldwing you use to go for a coffee on a Sunday morning. It doesn’t matter. It’s the ride itself that makes our hearts beat faster and makes us even more alive. Ride what you like and ride as far as you like. Every biker will greet another one. Always. Two fingers that save you and guard you will always be there. 

However, sometimes you might like to have a bike that is a bit more connected with the type of travel you might take and that’s when it comes to adventure bikes as the ones that “strike” the most of our minds in latest years. Certainly, they are the most suitable for motorcycle tours in Europe and we use them the most. They are powerful and versatile motorbikes, no matter if we talk of BMW, Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Triumph, Yamaha or any other. They are all exciting and you should try them all in your exciting European motorbike tours.  


Best motorcycle tours and trips in Europe 

When we talk about best motorcycle tour and generally the best motorcycle trips in Europe in order for you to decide the perfect one for your motorcycle holiday here is plenty to choose. You will most likely wish to make it as your holiday every year and tour and explore Europe from the saddle of your favorite motorcycle. And sure, it will be your holiday of the lifetime.  

Our motorcycle tours range from Adriatic coast, Alps (departing from Germany, covering the best that Alps can provide you, passing Austrian, Swiss Alps and Italian Dolomites), Italy (Venice, Tuscany, Sardinia, Italian south, Sicily); Balkans (departing Croatia, covering Adriatic coast, Bosnia and Montenegro); Central and Eastern European countries (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland) etc. We continuously add more exciting motorcycle tours to our offer for you to be able to explore the best of the best Europe can offer. 


Alps motorcycle tours 

Our Alps motorcycle tours certainly offer you the best of the best Alps can provide you as a passionate motorcycle rider. The roads are excellent, hairpins of Austrian and Swiss alps combined with breath taking mountain sceneries, mountain lodges, view of glaciers in Austrian and Swiss Alps, amazing sunsets of Italian Dolomites combined with green valleys, hearing the cow's bells and smelling the fresh mountain pine air it fills all your senses to the fullest. Our tours cover all of the best Alpine mountain passes in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Passing the highest peak of Austrian Alps, famous Grossglockner and its famous High Alpine road, Italian Dolomites and famous Stelvio pass of exploring miraculous and diverse Swiss Alps with marvelous Alpine mountain passes of Sussten, Grimsel and Furka.  Some more insights you can read in our blog – The Best of Swiss alps mountain passes. And this is just the friction of what we will show you of the Alps as many other famous passes are waiting for you to reveal you the best of Alps in your exciting motorcycle journey and some of our favorite motorcycle tours. In case you wish to combine your Alpine experience with amazing glacier lakes of north Italy (famous Como, Iseo and Garda lakes), check out our exciting Alpine Grand Explorer motorcycle tour. 


Adriatic and Balkans motorcycle tours 

Adriatic is a jewel in all its senses. Whether we talk about the sea, the cuisine, the climate, the roads, the name it. The sense of relaxing authentic Mediterranean combined with one of the World's best motorcycle coastal rides alongside the Adriatic sea all the way to the south reaching magnificent historic Dubrovnik in Croatia. It is a combination of exploring the magnificent Adriatic coast, islands, and green inlands of Croatia. Riding the stunning Adriatic Coast in some of our Adriatic motorcycle tours is something every biker should try and do at least once in their lives, it really is that special. If you want to spend your longer 2 week holiday or your extended weekend riding one of the most scenic European rides along the coast of Adriatic, combined with beautiful hilly inlands of charming Istria, enjoying the glorious islands sunsets, we have it all! In case you wish to add more of Eastern European adventure, go further to Balkans in our West Balkans motorcycle tourCheck our Adriatic motorcycle tours section and choose the perfect tour that fits your plans or contact us to make it tailored for you and your group.    


Motorcycle tours of Italy 

Italy is amazing. Full of heart and life. Vibrant and easy going at the same. We love the spirit of Italy and we tend to show you the best of the best in our motorcycle tours that range from North Italy and Italian lakes in our motorcycle tours of Dolomites and Tuscany. Then we go a bit off shore to Sardinia (combined in our motorcycle tours with Corsica, FR). Sardinia is a real motorcycle riders heaven with its amazing curvy island roads and scenic views of a Mediterranean sea. If you wish to go more south, yes we love it! Its an unforgettable adventure. From Rome to Sicily to the very south of Italy and the views of even 3 seas (Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas). Our motorcycle tours of Italy will reveal you the Italy in all its senses and show you the full diversity of this amazing European country with its famous and ancient history.   


Central and Eastern Europe motorcycle tours 

In case you wish to explore the very best of Europe and its rich history, you should reach to its East. In order to understand Europe through its rich culture, a combination and relations of East and West, its glorious history has a lot to tell. This is why we have provided you an amazing tour of eastern Europe, combined with some Central European cities that are true European jewels. Our Eastern Europe motorcycle tours depart from Austria, Vienna, heading towards Hungary and glorious Budapest, going on towards Slovakia and passing marvellous High Tatras mountains; entering Poland and Czech Republic. We will tackle history here from Mozart and Beethoven, World Wars, mysterious historic monuments, magnificent rides and sceneries, amazing cuisine and unforgettable World's best beer! It’s a truly amazing motorcycle tour and you will experience a perfect combination of magnificent rides and European heritage in this exciting journey. Its covers even 5 European countries!     



Our booking platform offers you simple and transparent booking of your motorcycle tour you choose. It will guide you through the simple 4 steps booking process and issue the documents that confirm your booking (booking confirmation initially) and you will obtain your voucher at the end upon final payment of the total amount that is due usualy 60 days before tour departure. Upon booking, you only pay a booking fee od €250 in order to ensure your place on one of the motorcycle tours you choose. Check more detail under the section of General terms and conditions. We also provide you maximum of flexibility with the possibility of Trip cancellation insurance, specialiy updated additionaly for Covid-19 circumstances. Check it out and be easy with your motorcycle tours planning. 


Arrivals and departures to motorcycle tours in Europe 

All our motorcycle tours have departures from major European cities and are easily reachable from any part of the World mainly with direct flights. Our Alpine motorcycle tours depart from Munich, Germany; Adriatic and Balkans motorcycle tours depart from Zagreb, Croatia; Eastern Europe  motorcycle tours depart from Vienna, Austria; Italian motorcycle tours depart from Venice and Rome. If you can wrecommend you to plan your arrival perhaps a day or two or more before the motorcycle tour departure in order to have a sightseeing of the departure city as all of them are marvelous European cities that can offer a lot to see on your unforgettable journey. We will always be there for you to help you and advise you on any additional questions you might have in order to make your motorcycle vacation perfect! Join us and expand your motorcycle riding horizons.  

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