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Alps motorcycle tours 



When talking about Alps and motorcycle touring across Alps, there are countless stunning areas that will leave you breathless. This magnificent mountain range in Europe has so many beautiful parts that every curve and hairpin brings a new excitement and thrill no matter if we talk about riding experience, sceneries, fresh air, smells of nature or a smell of authentic cuisine of the particular area. Touring Austrian Alps, Swiss Alps, French Alps or Italian Dolomites you can do it all over again and never be bored of exploring. It offers so many magnificent riding experiences and numerous roads to ride, from the valleys surrounded by the green mountains with its snowy peaks on hilltops, to the rocky mountain formations, some of the World's highest and thrilling mountain passes, glacier lakes between the mountain ranges, glaciers on the top of the mountains you can ride close to and basically step on the white snow aside the road when the road is dry and pleasant to ride certainly make an unforgettable motorcycle journey and as many of our clients say when touring Alps motorcycle tours with us – it a lifetime experience every motorcycle rider must ride. Mountain lodges and mountain hotels we stay during our Alps motorcycle tours are always handpicked, on some of the most remarkable locations and offering a great cuisine and relaxing areas (from pleasant Spa-s, hiking areas around the hotels, stunning views for you to enjoy the stary nights that are rarely so brightly visible as in Alps, or the best morning views there is with a sunrise across the highest mountain peaks. Alps motorcycle tours are with no doubt some of the top motorcycle tours to take when in Europe. 

Weather conditions 

Taking into consideration our motorcycle riding passion, the “time window” is rather narrow for riding Alps. Alps will allow and welcome us riders to enjoy their beauty while riding our motorcycle ideally between June and August (latest sometime by mid-September). Usually end of May the snow melts off the roads and remains only on highest peaks but again aside the road (in case you wonder - yes, we tour the highest passes and you will enjoy them so much during our Alps motorcycle tours ?). June, July and August have the perfect weather; normally between 20-25 degrees Celsius and sunny all the time. Rain showers are very rare and short (normally during our Alps motorcycle tours season the rain might catch us once or twice for the whole period of around 90 days of touring).    

Riding skills 

If you have been riding a lot of curvy roads and have a vast riding experience, you will be truly enjoying Alps as they provide you countless days of amazing curvy roads but as well hairpins across the highest mountain peaks. However, riding mountain curves is way different versus riding the curvy road not changing altitudes and that’s where the riding technique is different and requires different way of observing the road ahead (for example 180 turn may descend or ascend and you are not able to see across your shoulder the road you will take like it is the case on a ground zero). Stopping and starting on the hills is as well different (depending whether you stop ascending, descending or the hill climb is on your right or left side). For beginners that recently started riding and don’t have much of experience, we would recommend some of the less demanding tours we do.  For the riders that have experience in riding certainly riding Alps motorcycle tours will be some of the best rides there is. Our experienced guides will not only provide you with a great fun but they will as well spend time in teaching you comfortably during the tour the riding techniques. Many of our clients that take our Alps motorcycle tours end up saying they realized after 10 day of 15 days tours (depending which one they have chosen) that have became better riders and managed to achieve much better riding technique even though many of them are riding for 20, 30 or some even 50 years (so far the oldest rider on our tours was at the age 82 touring our Alpine Grand Explorer. Remarkable gentlemen and amazing rider). So, be prepared you will certainly learn something new while enjoying simply the best Alps motorcycle tours there is.  

Mountain Passes 

We tour almost all of them! And yes they are so amazing. When reaching the top of the mountain always bring the thrill to a person and enjoying the view of the top of the Alps is truly remarkable. But when reaching the top riding the corves and hairpins in a magnificent ride, it is a special feeling. 

Our Alps motorcycle tours are designed in a way that they pass all the most important and must ride passes (sometimes our guides even reveal you some hidden gems so don’t be surprized if you get the question during our Alps motorcycle tours after reaching the mountain peak and high pass that some of the guides asks – who is up for more? And then take you to some even more exciting area along the route ?. You will always enjoy a stunning experience during our Alps motorcycle tours. 

List of some of the most remarkable passes you can find HERE.

Gear and what to wear 

When it comes to gear and what to wear while riding Alps motorcycle tours, having in mind the ideal weather conditions are between June and September, always make sure you dress multi-layer. Ideal motorcycle clothing is textile adventure long distance suits as they allow your body to breathe and enables you to feel comfortable in any condition.  If you will be riding beginning of June or mid-September, early mornings and late afternoons might be a bit cooler so it is advised to dress up and then take off a layer once temperatures become warmer (during the day it comes to around 20 and mornings may be chilly at around 10 degrees Celsius). July and August are warmer and basically you would be feeling comfortable having a one-layer jacket and a short sleeves t shirt beneath. Also, considering trousers, you don’t want to overdress and one layer summer clothing is fine to feel comfortable (taking into consideration the heat of the engine, it is just perfect). Make sure you take your rain gear when taking Alps motorcycle tours as occasional showers may occur, so you wouldn’t want to end up wet as drying while riding is not a good solution as even it is summer, the temperatures do not go so hight it would help you cool but you might catch a cold (20-25 is not too high to ride wet). However, showers and rain periods are rare so expect nice and sunny weather most of the time. 


Ideal motorcycles for touring Alps are certainly adventure tourers such as BMW R 1250 GS, Honda Africa Twin, and similar models, in case you wish to feel very easy you might what to choose some even lighter models such as BMW F750GS of Suzuki V- Strom 650 or similar lighter and versatile bikes that allow you enjoy the most of the Alps not being under stress riding many curves on high altitudes. Bikes such as heavy choppers and similar would not be the best choice for Alps motorcycle tours as they may cause you some difficult moments so you might want to avoid choosing such models for Alps. 


There is plenty of opportunities to ride in the Alps but we have chosen truly the best of the best in our Alps motorcycle tours. If touring Alps on your own with not much experience in knowing the areas, it is not easy to route the Alps properly and particularly not easy to make sure you enjoy the ultimate ride over there so our experienced teams make sure we take you to the most scenic Alpine regions, the best routes and the best of the best in terms of Alpine passes and areas. From one mountain and valley to the other, exchanging beautiful Alpine hotels and lodges (handpicked to make sure you enjoy it the completely), nice and comfortable authentic style, always local food and great and welcoming hotels staff in all the regions and countries we tour (we are passing through Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, so you will have an opportunity to notice the cultural differences and memorable experiences). We are proud to have some of the most scenic and ultimate Alpine tours there is. These are The Best of Alps and Alpine Grand Explorer. We are also riding combinations of areas such as Dolomites & Tuscany and two more very interesting and exciting tours are on the way and it will soon be on our web (we will spice it a bit adding the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic so crossing Alps and touring seaside regions will be truly remarkable experience). Stay tuned!    

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