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The horizon is amazing. We are always excited when we think about horizons. No matter how blurry the path in front of us may be, it will always become clear with the glimpse of the horizon in front of us. The mystic horizontal “line” that is connecting the sky and earth. Spiced with sunrise, sunset, high noon sun or dark night. When the horizon is pretending to sleep, it’s still showing us magnificent show – the starry sky.  

Yes, it’s a bit a dreamy and romanticBut it’s just one of the horizons we can see or experience. This Mother Earth’s invention can be a synonym with the active search for other experiences that evokes similar emotions. Unlike natural horizon, that one can truly be enhanced, to expand our inner horizons.  

Motorcycle rides, routes and tours around the World are among best experiences you could gift yourself. Plenty of bucket list rides, which are equally epicscenic and satisfy your every sense are motorcycle tours in Europe. There are many of the choices you can take, but in order to get the most out of it in all the senses, we surely recommend you to go for a guided motorcycle tours 

Even though we currently live in tough pandemic times, fantasies, plans and ideas are roaming our heads stronger than ever. Our new 2021. tour calendar is a clear sign of that, as it is filling up quickly with bookings. 

Our Moto Tours Europe teamhas selected (and continuously adding to this selection) the best of the best Europe can offer you in motorcycle touring. Your only task is to decide which of our magnificent journeys you’re going to enjoy. All our motorcycle tours include professional and experienced guideshighest rated accommodations and impeccable service. Walways tend to provide you the authenticity of the region we ride in, whether it is related to cuisine, hidden gems, cultural sights, magnificent sceneries, historical heritagebest touring motorcycle or any other aspect of the real and unforgettable experience your motorcycle journey could provideTours are fully supported and mostly important all-inclusive and hassle free. You just book the tour and arrive to the starting destination, everything else is handled by our team. 

As our company moto is Expand Your Horizons, we aspire to provide a service which would make your experience of the whole journey be a journey of a lifetime. Riding motorcycles, traveling, exploring and being “adventurous” is not just our passion, but also is the excitement to share our experiences and knowledge with you. Our goal is for our guests and friends to experience the best of what Europe can offerand there is plenty of indeed. 

In case your wish to enjoy your Alps motorcycle vacation and your eye got caught on our popular guided Alps motorcycle tour , there are options to choose. The Best of Alps, a shorter eight riding days tour, which reveals some the best of what Alps offer, like magnificent high alpine passes of Austrian and Swiss Alps, as well as Italian Dolomites, which all are healthy mix of exciting twisty roads and breath taking sceneries. The longer thirteen riding days tour, Alpine Grand Explorerincludes all of that and some extras like even more Alpine passes and lakes of Northern Italy. It’s truly a classic and if you’re doing a European motorcycle tour once in a life time, this tour would be it. 

If you wish to combine “best of both worlds” and take a fresh Alpine breath in a thrilling ride through amazing Alpine Dolomites region combined with the best of Italy and Tuscany region,  join us in exciting Dolomites and Tuscany Sunsets tour and experience how it feels to ride some of the best Alpine roads combined with coming down from the mountain to beautiful Tuscany dolce vita and its cultural, culinary and wine delights in a motorcycle tour of Tuscany. 

In case you like more the Mediterranean romantic spirit, seaside and coastal rides, “dolce vita” in all its senses with authentic Mediterranean cuisine, amazing wines and seaside sunsetscombined with swimming in Adriatic or Mediterranean sea, there is something for you too. Long coastal rides along beautiful Adriatic in Croatia or getaway to south of Italy in our Rome to Sicily or Mediterranean Rome to Sardinia or Corsicaare just some of the tours we provide in our guided tours offer Certainly when considering motorcycle tours Italy offers a great choices we have covered in our tour offer.  

But within those tours our adriatic moto tours are the hidden gem and definitely one of our  top bucket list tours is our amazing Adriatic Coastal Adventure guided motorcycle tour. 

If you’ve seen the usual touristic sites in Europe and ridden the Alps, and with a little of adventurous spirit, maybe an exploration of Central and Eastern Europe could tickle your imagination. Countries full of magnificent cultural, historic and sometimes turbulent historycould be in your calendar for 2021, like our Eastern European Treasures or Balkans motorcycle tours like West Balkans Delights as some of the best Eastern European motorcycle tours 

Of course if you have a wish to have a unique tour on your own, take a self guided tour or only use motorcycle rental our experienced team can customize a tour according to your preferences and get you ready in no time for your journey of a lifetime. 

Book your next unforgettable motorcycle journey, we’re excited to share our part of the World with you on board. 


Moto Tours Europe (Adventure Roads Ltd) 

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