Our blog in 7th place from top 25 motorcyle touring blogs Worldwide!

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Our blog between top motorcyle touring blogs!

For those about to (rock) blog! And ride!   

As famous AC/DC song says – “For those about to rock, we salute you!” As sure we are! We rock and we salute you! As you rock together with us!  

Hello there to all our fellow adventure riders in every corner of the World! Our hearts beat the same pace that is the pace of thrilling adventure motorcycle long distance travels that bring us all the joy of magnificent ride and reveal us all other aspects of the scenic, tasteful and inspiring World that is yet to be discovered in our endless journey.   

Our hearts beat with even more excitement with the news we are proudly presenting.  Our blog has been selected among top 25 motorcycle touring blogs Worldwide according to the Blog Feedspot. More datails about Feedspot lists and ranking find HERE

Cheers to all of the Moto Tours Europe team and our amazing clients that daily bring us the inspiration for sharing the exciting travel experiences and interesting stories from the world of motorcycle touring and travel and motorcycle passion in general.  

This will certainly give us even more motivation to continue the good job we have been doing for the last several years that have challenged us and tested us to become better and better. No covid pandemic or any other obstacle can stop us from sharing the joy and happiness of our motorcycle and travel passion and enthusiasm that we daily bring into our tours and excellence of our company in order to provide handpicked, selected and carefully taken care of motorcycle tours and travels around Europe, where we are at home in every curve, every hairpin, every street, restaurant, place to stay or spend great time with you, our fellow buddies that choose to travel with us.  

We are determined to bring the horizon close to you, challenge you to dare to chase horizons with us, or as we like to say – choose your horizon and we will take you beyond. As our company moto says – Expand your horizons.  

We are in front of the new year; 2022. After challenging years that we have all been living since the global pandemic literally nearly stopped the World, we have never stopped. We do not expect anything less from 2022. but to challenge us, question us and try to find its way sometimes to trick us. Hopefully it will start becoming safer then last years as we are all developing day by day and finding our way forward even through this tough pandemic times and we are sure we will all find the way to move on, even further to the new horizons. 

We, as a company and passionate team, we were working day by day, 24/7, developing new exciting motorcycle tours, travelling wherever it was possible to travel, scouting the routes and places to carefully pick it for you - our fellow riders and clients.  

While we were as well spending wonderful time with you on our tours, watching new friendships being born between people from all the corners of the World, those with different political views, historic backgrounds, religious beliefs, races or any other differences. And that is the beauty of our tours, as we are all united once we hit the endless curvy road and ride from the early dawn excited to see the first ray of sunlight until the glorious sunset and nightlights wherever we stay. 

Dear friends and fellow riders wherever you are, stay well and safe, feel the passion, make new friendships and give each other a wonderful time spent together. Reward your loved ones with joy and giving and prepare yourself for chasing the new horizons in the soon season of 2022. We are thrilled and happy to enjoy the ride with you.   

Cheers and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Adventure Roads Ltd team           

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