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Adriatic to Albania Adventure motorcycle tour

If you like a combination of amazing ride and excitement of extraordinary and thrilling adventure this is the tour for you. One of the best coastal rides there is, the curves of mystic Balkan mountains of Montenegro and Bosnia, the beauty of unexplored and exciting Albania make this tour complete adventure. You will be thrilled and fueled with great and exciting experiences all the way. Of course, not to miss the authenticity of the places we visit, its cuisine marvels and extraordinary beautiful nature and places we visit along the way.

This tour starts in Zagreb, the capital of beautiful Croatia and immediately hits the coast where our adventure starts. We will be cruising one of the most scenic coastal routes all the way to the south of Adriatic and continue up the hills of Montengro after spending a great rides and days along the coast of Adriatic reaching Dubrovnik. The Kotor Bay and hillls of Montenegro, thrilling and wild Albania and beautiful Bosnia make this tour one of the most diverse and thrilling experiences combined with awesome rides. A combination of coast, inlands, mountains and different cultires makes it a great adventure. Check out in more details in its day-by day itinerary and join us in one of our amazing riding experiences!   

Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania
12 days / 10 riding days
Route length
2450 km / 1522 miles
from 5 350.00 €
Riding time / Day
6-8 hours
Skill level
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Characteristics Of The Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Tour Overview

Dates in 2022
22 May 2022 - 02 Jun 2022
13 Aug 2022 - 24 Aug 2022
05 Sept 2022 - 16 Sept 2022
25 Sept 2022 - 06 Oct 2022
01 Oct 2022 - 12 Oct 2022

Dates in 2023
22 May 2023 - 02 Jun 2023

Adriatic coast, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Albanian mountains, Montenegro  

Comfortable, high rating hotels and BBs
Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania

2450 km / 1522 miles

Tour starts / ends
Rest days
1 - Shkoder
Road description
Tour runs on asphalt

Tour Overview

Day By Day

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Arrival day Zagreb

Upon your arrival to Zagreb, Croatia, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the one of the most attractive and vibrant Central European capitals. Depending on the time of your arrival, you might have time to do some sightseeing or simply to rest and prepare yourself for the excitement that awaits you.  You will be given all the necessary information concerning your tour at the welcome dinner in the evening of the first day.  

Zagreb - Senj - Zadar

The next morning, we will be heading towards the coast riding through the inlands through a great bikers route leading us all the way to the very famous Adriatic coastal route!  This is one of the most scenic coastal rides worldwide and a true must ride. Every year thousands of European bikers come here and combine a stunning ride with some fun on the coast. Breath taking sceneries, seaside with numerous places to stop for a swim, having a great food or just relax in the shades with a beer, coffee or a cocktail. And what is the best, it is not a tourist-crowded as there are many places to have your peace and enjoy the silence if you get tired of the ride. No matter if you want to ride the islands, the coast, reach all the way south to beautiful Dubrovnik or combine a bit of sea and the coastal ride with inlands, it is all doable in a friendly environment and amazingly good and safe roads. The Velebit mountain on one side and the hundreds of miles of a beautiful coast and sea views will completely overwhelm you in this great Adriatic adventure.  In the late afternoon or early evening we will be reaching the city of Zadar, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the harbour part called “Greeting to the sun”, with famous “Sea organ”, an architectural marvel – a stone shore playing with the power of the wind and sea waves, a must experience when in Zadar. Zadar has many historic monuments dating from ancient Roman times and is one of the most beautiful cities of Adriatic.     

Zadar - Dubrovnik

Our exciting journey continues further down south. In the morning, after breakfast and enjoyable coffee in Zadar we will be leaving Zadar and will be heading further down south alongside the Adriatic shore before turning inlands through amazing landscapes of southern hilly regions where the smells of Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by miles and miles of olive groves before reaching the famous Krka waterfalls national park. Its is a true jewel in the southern inlands of Croatia, a place where famous Nikola Tesla tested and installed his first powerplant that was the first European hydroelectric power plant and the place where nearby city of Šibenik got the electricity thanks to Nikola Tesla invention It was put into operation two days after the world's first hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls was put into operation.  This famous power plant at Krka waterfalls made Šibenik the first city in the world with street lights powered by alternating current (AC).  Will continue along the shore of Adriatic further down to the Neretva valley, famous agricultural area where watermelons, mandarins, strawberries are grown. This part is also famous for its pirate's history, and a food like frogs and eel fish. Neretva region was, with Omiš, a great centre of pirates. Especially before 10th century. Venetians have tried for centuries to suppress the famous pirates from Neretva, but they never succeeded. At the peak of its power, in the 12th and 13th century, the Omiš Pirates were the scariest and most powerful pirates in the whole Mediterranean Sea. In case of traffic jams in summer peaks, we may take alternative and very exciting route over Bosnia (truly one of the amazing and must ride routes across Bosnia Vrgorac-Stolac-Trebinje)  

The Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea has had an advantage over the western coast because of its indented coastline. Numerous islands, bays and canals were safer routes to travel than the open sea, and such conditions have enabled the development of piracy. In the Middle Ages town was dangerous pirate stronghold on the east coast. Indented Croatian Adriatic coast favoured the development of piracy due to a number of islands, channels and bays. If we add to that the Cetina River with its monumental canyon and numerous stone cliffs, it is clear why city has become a pirate stronghold.  

After exciting day full of great rides, we will end the day in beautiful Dubrovnik 

Dubrovnik - Podgorica

In the morning until lunch we will have enough time to explore Dubrovnik, have a walk through the old town, the famous city walls, and visit some of the historic sights and museums of this marvellous town. In the afternoon the Montenegro mountains are in front of us! It is truly one of the epic rides and after days of sea now it is time to hit a bit of adventure in the glorious mountains of Montenegro. We will be riding the whole day in the breath-taking landscapes and nature and ending the day in the capital of Montenegro; the city of Podgorica.  

Podgorica - Kolasin - Shkoder

Passing through beautiful Prokletije nature park and in the afternoon crossing the border between Montenegro and Albania. It is a truly exciting riding day and we will end it in the Albanian city of Shkoder on the shores of a beautiful lake Shkoder (one part of the lake belongs to Montenegro and another to Albania). Shkodër is the most historic town in Albania. The oldest wall of the Shkodër castle dates from the 1st millennium BCE. The Roman historian Livy cited the town as the capital of the Illyrian king Gentius, who surrendered to the Romans in 168 BCE. The town was subsequently held by the Byzantines, Bulgars, Serbs, and Turks, again by Illyrians and Venetians. More of the interesting facts you will find in our tour brochure as well as on other sights we are visiting on our tours. 

Rest day in Shkoder

Today we will take a bit of rest in the beautiful historic Shkoder, having time to explore this city where cultures merge (you will see mosques, catholic and orthodox churches almost one next to another). You can take I hike to the castle on the hill, visit museums and historic sights, explore the surroundings and lake or simply enjoy the rest and perhaps visit some spa.    


Shkoder - Tropoje

Now the adventure emerges and we roll into the hills of north Albania. Breath taking views, amazing sceneries and awesome full day ride. The territory of Albania is 70% mountains, out of which the most impressive ones are in the area we will be riding. Recently built modern roads lead us to Slavic and Illyric mythologic mountains Prokletije . A unique town on our way is Kukes, the only city nominated for the Nobel peace prize. The tour abounds of Albanian heritage. It is a country that is speeding in its development but the traces of the biggest European former communist dictature are still very visible. Not so pretty sight to see is a dumped waste areas along some of the routes as Albania still does not keep the pace in all the aspects of its development. It is a world that is slowly disappearing and very worth of seeing.  

Tropoje - Peja (Kosovo) - Žabljak (Durmitor mountain, Montenegro)

Continuing along the old Balkan Mountains, inlands of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, we will truly enjoy the thrilling landscapes, exciting cultural and historic sights and great ride. We will be leaving Albania today and entering Kosovo. It is the last former Yugoslavia country that has achieved its independence and it is still controversial the acceptance of its independence. Even though the population in this area is majority Albanian, some of the very important religious sights are Orthodox Serbian and UNESCO World Heritage sights (such as monastery Dečani, 14th century). We will be climbing Prokletije mountains (in Slavic it could be translated as “cursed” and it symbolises the unreachable steep peaks of mountains of this national park. The views are breath-taking. Prokletije is a mountain range, the largest in Balkans with over 20 peaks over 2.500m high.  At the very peak and mountain pass, we will be crossing to Montenegro in order to enter one more national park – Durmitor (the name comes from Celtic words meaning “the mountain full of water”.  Literally it is so as on every mountain pass you can see the mountain lake or a clear mountain river such as Tara; the river with the deepest canyon in Europe with 1.300m depth. We will end the day again in the beautiful mountain area of Durmitor in Montenegro. 

Žabljak- Tara canyon - Sutjeska canyon - Sarajevo

Today it is time to move on to another exciting country. Bosnia and Herzegovina is ahead of us. After riding down the Durmitor nature park, riding along the Tara and Sutjeska rivers and canyons (Sutjeska was one of the famous historic sights of WWII as one of the toughest battles between German troops and Partizans took place there. The Battle of Sutjeska (known as the Fifth Enemy Offensive in the Yugoslav historiography) was a German operation against Partisans Main Operational Group in the Second World War. The German code name for this operation was „Operation Case Black“ (German: Fall Schwarz). This operation took place in May and June 1943 and was aimed at destroying the main Yugoslav Partisan force, near the Sutjeska River in the south-eastern Bosnia. The failure of the offensive marked a turning point for Yugoslavia during World War II. Our exciting day will lead us to another well known town from the recent turbulent history of this area, the proud city of Sarajevo where we will stop for a lunch and a short visit. We will continue our ride through inlands of Bosnia ending the day in beautiful historic Mostar, a city where ancient history spreads the vibe around this amazing city. 

Mostar - Plitvice lakes

After a must taste Turkish coffee prepared in copper “fildžan” (a special coffee cup), we will continue our amazing Balkans ride through Bosnia, visit some authentic areas and dining places before we cross to Croatia where we will stop in Plitvice Lakes - a UNESCO World Heritage National Park site.  

Plitvice lakes - Zagreb

The green inlands of Croatia offer amazing roads and beautiful scenic sights. We will enjoy the full day ride, stop for a must taste lamb, a famous dish of this area before ending the day for a dinner in Zagreb where we will spend the beautiful evening and a dinner in the historic centre and summarizing our incredible variety of experiences we have had during this marvellous tour and of course already preparing our next adventure. 

Departure from Zagreb

Depending on your flight schedule you can choose to enjoy the walk and some coffee in the city centre, relax in the hotels spa or simply spend some days in Zagreb or hit the coast that is 1,5 hours ride and extend your holiday under the Adriatic sun. We can't wait to prepare anther adventure for you in the next motorcycle tour you can choose from our offer or even customize it as you wish. See you! 

Motorcycle Tour

Adriatic to Albania Adventure motorcycle tour

Motorcycle Price for the RIDER - shared double / twin room
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
5 900.00 €
BMW R 1250 GS
BMW R 1250 GS
5 800.00 €
BMW F 750 GS
BMW F 750 GS
5 450.00 €
Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L
Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L
5 600.00 €
Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT
Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT
5 600.00 €
Suzuki V-Strom 650
Suzuki V-Strom 650
5 400.00 €
Your own motorcycle
4 490.00 €
2 790.00 €
Single room
790.00 €
Tour cancellation insurance
7.5 %

Tour cancellation insurance

Purchasing trip cancellation insurance allows customers to receive a refund for a tour when a customer must cancel a tour for reasons covered by this insurance. Trip cancellation insurance costs 7,5% of the total listed price of the tour including supplements like motorcycle upgrades, single room requests and passenger costs.  

VIP insurance
200.00 €

VIP insurance

A security deposit of 2000 Euro must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition. 

MTE offers two insurance options, 'VIP insurance' and 'Super VIP Insurance'. 

In case of ‘VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 20 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to 500 Euro and must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition. Optionally, in case of ‘Super VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 30 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to zero. 

Vip and Super Vip Insurances are available for tours and rentals of 7 days or more. 

Super VIP insurance
300.00 €

Super VIP insurance

A security deposit of 2000 Euro must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition. 

MTE offers two insurance options, 'VIP insurance' and 'Super VIP Insurance'. 

In case of ‘VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 20 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to 500 Euro and must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition. Optionally, in case of ‘Super VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 30 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to zero. 

Vip and Super Vip Insurances are available for tours and rentals of 7 days or more. 

Total: 0.00 €

Included in the price:

Airport transfers upon your arrival and departure 
Experienced guide on a motorcycle 
Top model motorcycle with hard/lockable case(s) including a Third-party liability insurance and a Comprehensive vehicle insurance. 
Support vehicle with additional motorcycle, your luggage and support necessities, it can accommodate two passengers, for guided tours with minimum 4 motorcycles and 8 participants. 
Accommodation during the tour (11 nights) in high-rating (4*) hotels or private accommodation.  
Breakfasts (11) during the tour 
Lunches (9) during the tour except on free/rest days  
Dinners except on rest days; in authentic local restaurants whenever possible 
One drink per person during lunches and dinners 
Entrances to National and Nature Parks  
Tolls, transfers and ferry rides  
Tour description booklet with maps and highlighted routes

Note: the tours run with 3 motorcyles minimum or including supplement in case of less riders.

Not included in the price:

Airline tickets, tolls, drinks, personal spending, speeding and traffic violation penalty tickets, tips, anything not listed in "Included in the price"

Tour Cancellation Insurance: more informantion HERE.

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