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Adriatic Coast and Northern Islands motorcycle tour

This tour is the shorter version of our famous Adriatic Coastal Adventure tour. Riding the stunning Adriatic Coast is something every biker should try and do at least once in their lives, it really is that special. If you want to spend your extended weekend riding one of the most scenic European rides along the coast of Adriatic, combined with beautiful hilly inlands of charming Istria, enjoying the glorious islands sunsets, this is the tour for you!  


Besides the predefined dates, in case you come as a group we can adjust the dates based on your group proposal. 

Adriatic coastal tour combines the ultimate coastal road and be sure you will be riding the most scenic coastal ride in Europe combined with unforgettable scenery and cultural wonders ranging from the oldest urban settlements in the entire region, to the numerous architectural and infrastructural remains of the Roman and Austrian-Hungarian empires still witnessing the centuries of their rule. The tour begins by exploring the continental part of Istria, moves to the magical islands of Cres and Lošinj and continues by scenic ride along the very coast of Adriatic sea reaching ancient city of Zadar, coming back through green inlands and Plitvice Lakes – a natural wonder and an absolute must-see when on tour in Croatia. Prepare for miles and miles of nothing but the sheer blue sea on one side and the grey slopes of a mighty mountain on the other... Enjoy the view of the green vineyards and old olive groves scattered over the charming hilly areas of Istria and north Dalmatia. Learn about several huge empires that ruled in these areas and see the wonderful succession of cultures and architecture integrated in the life of typical Mediterranean towns. 

8 days / 6 riding days
Route length
1250 km (777 miles)
from 3 630.00 €
Riding time / Day
6-8 hours
Skill level
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Characteristics Of The Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Tour Overview

Dates in 2023
29 Apr 2023 - 06 May 2023
13 May 2023 - 20 May 2023
01 Sept 2023 - 08 Sept 2023

Dates in 2024
11 May 2024 - 18 May 2024
31 Aug 2024 - 07 Sept 2024
05 Oct 2024 - 12 Oct 2024


Istria, Cres, Lošinj, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes

Comfortable, high rating hotels and BBs

Total mileage: 1.250 km (777 miles)

Daily mileage: 250 - 350 km (155 - 217 miles)

Tour starts / ends
Rest days
no rest days
Road description
All asphalt, mainly very good roads

Tour Overview

Day By Day

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8

Arrival Day Croatia, Zagreb

Upon your arrival to Zagreb, Croatia, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the one of the most attractive and vibrant Central European capitals. Depending on the time of your arrival, you might have time to do some sightseeing or simply to rest and prepare yourself for the excitement that awaits you.  You will be given all the necessary information concerning your tour at the welcome dinner in the evening of the first day. 

Visit to Istria, the land of wine and truffles

Welcome to the first riding day of our coastal adventure. Our starting point is Zagreb and our goal will be to reach Istria – Croatia’s largest peninsula – the home of exquisite wine, cheese and truffles. We are taking the ‘old road’ – formerly the only connection between the continental and coastal part of the country. After the highway Zagreb-Rijeka was built, this road is rarely used, and luckily for us, it features good asphalt and some great curves. This road was built in early 19th century, in times of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, and was named ‘Lujzijana’ after Maria Luisa, the daughter of the Emperor Francis I of Austria. We will ride through the magnificent mountain areas of Gorski Kotar – known for its deep dark woods and cool and clear mountain streams. In the evening, we will let you pick from some of the truffle flavoured specialties perfectly paired with Malvasia Istriana. We will spend the night in Istria.

Tour of Istria and the islands of Cres and Lošinj

Let’s take a tour of Istria, have a closer look at those vineyards and olive groves and visit some of the picturesque villages located on hilltops arising from foggy valleys. Apart from being famous for the beauty of its nature, Istria is the area rich with history. Here, every village has some amazing old stories to tell and many Roman and early Slavic remains to prove them. 

After leaving Novigrad, we will visit famous Lim fjord. The Lim bay and valley is a peculiar geographic feature found near Rovinj and Vrsar on the western coast of Istria, south of Poreč, Croatia. The name comes from the Latin limes for "limit", referring to the landform's position at the border of two Roman provinces: Dalmatia and Italia. The Lim valley (Limska draga or Limska dolina) is the 35 km long valley of the river Pazinčica, which transforms into the Lim bay (Limski zaljev), a 10 kilometer long estuary. The Croats sometimes also call it Limski kanal ("Lim channel"), due to its narrow width.  

The estuary is sometimes called a fjord, although it is not in fact a fjord but a ria, because it was not carved by a glacier but by the river eroding the ground on its way to the Adriatic Sea, when the sea level was lower. We will not miss the oysters tasting as it is one of the must taste specialties of the area. However there is a lot to see and experience in our todays ride and we will be heading on towards Rovinj (check out the photos and no words are needed ?), then going further down south to Pula and its famous Roman arena in the very center of the town, nearby breath taking Stone Cape (Rt Kamenjak).   

Our route will guide us through Istria all the way to the ferry boat port where we will pass in a short ferry ride to the archipelago of Cres and Lošinj islands. Amazing island ride, a must taste sheep dishes in several varieties in some of local konobas (authentic local restaurants) is certainly not to miss and no way you pass Cres without tasting it. Continuing our amazing island ride futher down south to Lošinj where we will be enjoying a true Mediterranean experience in all its senses. Smells, tastes, cuisine, sea, islands vegetation. Simply amazing. Lošinj is famous as well as an Island of vitality, famous for its air and sea currents that combine a special mix of extraordinary wellbeing. 


A ride through Lošinj and Cres, passing the island of Krk and heading the magnificent coastal ride south to Zadar

Heading back to the island of Cres and taking another ferry ride, this time to reach the island of Krk, which is connected with the mainland with a big modern bridge. A ride past the charming coastal towns to the old pirate port with a fortress – Senj. We will be heading south alongside the magnificent Karolina road, one of the most scenic motorcycle coastal rides! Its a truly amazing and unforgettable riding day. The roads are marvelous, ride is amazing and the view is simply indescribable. We will be ending the day in Zadar, a beautiful coastal city rich of history from Roman times. You could see many ancient Roman artefacts in the old town and enjoy the magnificent seaview sunset from one of the architectural marvels, a famous sea organ (instrument playing powered by the sea and air), from the famous place called "greeting to the Sun". A definite must see! This is the day to remember! 

Zadar rest day (ride inlands including Zrmanja river optional)

Today we will take a break in beautiful Zadar. There is plenty of opportunities out of which we will offer you a sailing trip to famous Kornati archipellago. Easygoing time on the boat combined with delicious cuisine and stunning views will be the perfect rest from the ride and fuleing you with energy for the next days of our journey. For the ones that are keen on riding, there is an option of a day ride to the canyon of Zrmanja river. 

Zadar - Skradin (Krka Waterfalls) - Šibenik

We will ride right through the belly of Dalmatia, an area called Ravni Kotari – a place of ideal climate and fertile land, an area filled with marasca orchards, olive groves and vineyards. You will get a chance to see another pirate bay - Skradin – an amazing location where the mountain river Krka meets the sea (Krka National Park). From the hilly roads of Dalmatian hinterland, we will take a look at the historical city of Šibenik where we will spend the night.

Entering inlands, visit to Plitvice Lakes National park

Today we will say farewell to the sea, until our next tour and will ride the inlands passing to another side of mighty Velebit mountain towards Plitvice lakes, a natural phenomenon and Unesco World Heritage national park. Its truly amazing natural sight full of waterfalls and magnificent lakes, wooden walks through this truly breathtaking place will fuel your soul completely. Combined with the famous lamb lunch along the way, we will be ending our last beautiful riding day in Zagreb late afternoon or early evening.  

Departure from Zagreb

On your day of departure, your guides will escort you to the airport for a final farewell. We are sure you will enjoy your new perspective long after you return to your homes and your daily routines. We hope that the sensation of reaching beyond your own personal horizons will stay with you and keep reminding you that this line could always be pushed a little further. Keep your mind open for new experiences and let us know when you are ready to ride with us again. We will be happy to hear from you anytime!

Motorcycle Tour

Adriatic Coast and Northern Islands motorcycle tour

Motorcycle Price for the RIDER - shared double / twin room
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure
4 020.00 €
BMW R 1250 GS
BMW R 1250 GS
3 900.00 €
BMW F 750 GS
BMW F 750 GS
3 630.00 €
Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L
Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L
3 720.00 €
Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT
Suzuki V-Strom 1000 XT
3 720.00 €
Suzuki V-Strom 650
Suzuki V-Strom 650
3 630.00 €
Your own motorcycle
2 990.00 €
2 490.00 €
Single room
690.00 €
Tour cancellation insurance
7.5 %

Tour cancellation insurance

By purchasing the trip cancellation insurance, the customer becomes entitled to receive a refund for the cost of the tour, provided that the customer has cancelled his/her participation due to reasons covered by this insurance. The cost of the trip cancellation insurance is 7.5 % of the total price of the tour, including supplements such as the motorcycle upgrades, single room requests and the cost of an additional passenger.

VIP insurance
120.00 €

VIP insurance

A security deposit of 2000 Euro must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition.

MTE offers two insurance options, 'VIP insurance' and 'Super VIP Insurance'.

In case of ‘VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 20 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to 500 Euro and must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition. Optionally, in case of ‘Super VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 35 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to zero.

Super VIP insurance
210.00 €

Super VIP insurance

A security deposit of 2000 Euro must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition.

MTE offers two insurance options, 'VIP insurance' and 'Super VIP Insurance'.

In case of ‘VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 20 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to 500 Euro and must be paid to MTE at the beginning of the motorcycle rental period. The deposit will be held until the undamaged motorcycle is returned in acceptable condition. Optionally, in case of ‘Super VIP Insurance’ (for a fixed fee of 35 EUR per day), security deposit (deductible) is lowered to zero.


Total: 0.00 €

Included in the price:

Fuel for your motorcycle during the whole tour
Airport transfers upon your arrival and departure 
Experienced guide on a motorcycle 
Top model motorcycle with hard/lockable case(s) including a Third-party liability insurance and a Comprehensive vehicle insurance. 
Support vehicle with additional motorcycle, your luggage and support necessities, it can accommodate two passengers, for guided tours with minimum 4 motorcycles or 8 participants. 
Accommodation during the tour (7 nights) in high-rating (4*) hotels or private accommodation.  
Breakfasts (7) during the tour 
Lunches (6) during the tour except on free/rest days  
Dinners except on rest days; in authentic local restaurants whenever possible 
One drink per person during lunches and dinners 
Tolls, transfers and ferry rides  
Tour description booklet with maps and highlighted routes 

Note: the tours run with 3 motorcyles minimum or including supplement in case of less riders.

Not included in the price:

Airline tickets, additional drinks, personal spending, speeding and traffic violation penalty tickets, tips, anything not listed under "Included in the price"

Tour Cancellation Insurance: more informantion HERE.

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