Motorcycle Tour

Trans-Sibirian Tour to Far East

This tour was designed by Robert Koletić, our tour designer and guide, who has travelled to almost every corner of the World and rode a tour around the Globe in 2011. Robert designed this tour for high-spirited and adventurous riders, who enjoy the challenges of less known motorcycle routes, beyond the mainstream offer. If you don’t mind occasionally basic accommodation, rough landscapes, challenging roads and tough pace, this tour is a perfect choice for you. Here is Robert's description of the tour.

In this tour, the client choses the starting point, which could be any large European city, and decides on the length of the tour. Lengthwise, there are two options: the tour could end either in Ulaanbaattar, Mongolia, or in Vladivostok, Russia. The difference is 8-10 riding days or 2500 miles. The inspiration for this tour was derived from the route from Vladivostok to Zagreb, which was the part of the journey I took in 2011, when I circumnavigated the globe. The TRANS-SIBERIAN TOUR TO FAR EAST is 8700 miles long and runs through Eastern Europe and passes through Ukrainian planes. The original route that I took in 2011 ran along the north shore of the Black Sea, but I decided to avoid the Russian and Ukrainian conflict zone in this region. The Trans-Siberian Tour enters Russia only for a short while and quickly reaches Kazakhstan, as we leave Europe and enter the Asian continent. Kazakhstan is the biggest country in the world without any access to the sea. Riding through its vast unpopulated steppe offers a unique experience of scares settlements contrary to that of overpopulated European areas. The tour passes through the north part of the country populated by a mixture of the indigenous Kazakh population and the Russians arriving during the Soviet era. We will enter Russia right through the doors of Siberia, reaching the Altai Mountains and heading further towards the Lake Baikal – the deepest and the oldest lake in the world, often referred to as the Russian Galapagos. Further on, we will enter Mongolia and ride to the ancient city of Ulaanbaatar. Here we will rest to gather strength for all those thousands of miles ahead of us. We will continue riding through the endless taigas separating the rare Siberian towns, located along the border with China. Our final goal is to reach Vladivostok – the cosmopolitan centre of the easternmost Russian region, sitting on the border between China and North Korea, and only a day-long ferry ride away from South Korea and Japan. Once again, you can pick your own points of departure and return, as well as the time to set off. However, make sure to take into account the daily riding minimum (250 miles) and maximum (310 miles). The estimated duration of the tour based on riding days is approximately 30 days (long version) or 20 days (short version). Any rest days will be added in accordance with the client’s wishes.

Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan
Approximately 20 to 30 riding days
Route length
6200 - 8700 miles
Tour Map

Characteristics Of The Motorcycle Tour

Motorcycle Tour Overview

Road description
Tour runs on asphalt

Lake Baikal, Altai Mountains, Siberia, Manchuria, Vladivostok, Golden Horn Bay (Pacific Ocean)

Comfortable and high-rating hotels in larger cities, simple 'truck-drivers' accommodation outside of urban areas
Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan

Total mileage: 10.000 - 14.000 km (6.200 - 8.700 miles)

Daily mileage: 400 - 500 km (250 - 310 miles)

Tour starts / ends
To be determined with the client
Rest days

Motorcycle Tour

Trans-Sibirian Tour to Far East

Included in the price:

Airport transfers upon your arrival and departure 
Experienced guide on a motorcycle 
Top model motorcycle with hard/lockable case(s) including a Third-party liability insurance and a Comprehensive vehicle insurance. 
Support vehicle with additional motorcycle, your luggage and support necessities, it can accommodate two passengers in case of 4 and more motorcycles in the tour.
Accommodation during the tour (15 nights) in high-rating (4*) hotels and simple (2-3*) accommodation outside urban areas.  
Breakfasts during the tour 
Lunches during the tour except on free/rest days  
Dinners except on rest days; in authentic local restaurants whenever possible 
One drink per person during lunches and dinners 
Fuel for your bike during the tour 
Entrances to National and Nature Parks  
Tolls, transfers and ferry rides  
Tour description booklet with maps and highlighted routes 

Not included in the price:

Airline tickets, additional drinks, personal spending, speeding and traffic violation penalty tickets, tips, anything not listed in "Included in the price"

Tour Cancellation Insurance: more informantion HERE.