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Custom Guided Tours - Adriatic, Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia

Check out below the day by day itinerary of our Adriatic custom guided tour and we will customize the tour for your group. The tour can run as a day tour, weekend 2-3 days tour or full 11 days tour. Tell us your wishes and we will customize the tour specially for you and your group. 

In our custom guided tours model, we can prepare a special tour for you based on your preferences. You can get inspiration from one of our present tours and if you would like to change it and adjust it to your preferences we are happy to do that. This is in case you would like to make your own different tour.

Or you would like us to make a completely different tour based on our suggestions, you just tell us the areas in Europe you would prefer and we will prepare you an awesome tour, provide your itinerery, book you all accomodations based on your rating proposal, provide you with latest model top touring motorcycles and our experienced guide will make sure you have a journey of a lifetime! 

Custom Guided Tour includes:

  • Late model motorcycle with lockable hard luggage and tank bags plus a Third party liability insurance and Comprehensive vehicle insurance.
  • Experienced guide on a motorcycle. Support van for luggage, souvenir purchases and 1 or 2 passengers.
  • Accommodation based on your proposal (you can choose the rating of the accomodation and/or we can reccomend you based on your preferrences).
  • Full board, half board or just breakfast in restaurant tipes of your preference
  • Airport transfers up to 5 days prior to the tour start, on the last day of the tour and one day after the tour. 
  • All maps with marked routes for the region being toured.
  • GPS with all the routes uploaded.

Not included in the price:

  • Airline tickets, dinners on rest days, most lunches, drinks, gasoline, personal spending, tips and anything not listed in "Included in the price"

Day 1

Arrival to Zagreb, visit of nearby Samobor, welcome dinner and awesome local food!

Here we are! Welcome to Zagreb! Our meeting day starts in Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia. Geographic position of Zagreb is great for motorcycle touring as there are many great biker routes in the area and many routes that lead from Zagreb to mountain areas, Alps or to the Adriatic sea are excellent. This day reveals you really amazing hidden gems. The day before our departure, upon your arrival we would have a fun evening in Zagreb and Samobor with a teste of famous Samoborska kremšnita, delicious local cake widely famous, as well as a unique wine Bermet (Bermet is an aromatic wine of sweet-bitter taste made of selected grape varieties from the sunny slopes of the Samobor mountains, wormwood, tropic fruits and secret ingredients). Beautiful city near Zagreb, Samobor is one of the earliest tourist resorts in the region, with the first tourist facilities dating back to 1810, catering to anglers, hunters and hikers. The town's beautiful surroundings and vicinity to the capital have supported this tourist tradition to the present day. Visiting the area, its surroundings, tasting local specialties, beers, wines, open market and food experiences like for example delicious kotlovina, to get prepared for our extraordinary adventure. Kotlovina is a Croatian fried and stewed meat dish from Zagreb and the surrounding northwest Croatia. It is a popular seasonal food eaten during spring and summer. Pork chops and sausages are fried and then stewed in their own juice, wine and various spices. Common regional garnishes are onions, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and paprika. Kotlovina has historically been prepared and served outdoors but is today a common dish served in local restaurants that serve Croatian cuisine. 

Day 2

Ride through hills and nature parks of Slovenia, coming back to Zagreb via hills of Zagorje

Today is our 1st riding day! Breakfast and coffee and a short briefing in the morning in one of the beautiful local accommodations, and off we go towards Slovenian border. We will be riding along Sava and Krka rivers to Kostanjevica na Krki. The settlement of Kostanjevica was first mentioned as a town in 1210 and received market rights in 1249. During the Late Middle Ages it was an important commercial centre. This beautiful town rich of history, wooden bridge in the entrance of the town, crossing the Krka river, charming bars and restaurants, it will be for sure our stop to have some tasting of the local food and beer from the local brewhouse restaurant, take some break and refresh a bit before we go on towards the hilly inlands of Slovenia and nature park - Kozjanski park where we will enjoy the ride and the amazing views. Further on we will be crossing back to Croatia entering Zagorje region, green hills, medieval castles. And of course, famous must taste štrukli (baked and cooked pastry filled with fresh cheese, it’s a truly delicious famous local specialty). Of course many other local dishes will be following us along the route enjoying the amazing ride over the green hills before coming back to Zagreb to another great evening we will surprize you with!  

Day 3

On the way to Adriatic and Istrian peninsula!

The smell of Adriatic is in front of us! Yes! The route from Zagreb to the coast and Istria is amazing! It is a fast paced great regional route, famous for its name Louisiana. The Louisiana road (also known as Louisiana and Via Ludovice) was one of the most important roads in Croatian history. It was the shortest road connecting Rijeka and Karlovac and one of the most significant roads in Austria-Hungary. Not only did it meet the requirements of developing commerce and both manufacturing and industrial production at the time, but it also stimulated the development of settlements along the road. 

The Louisiana was named after Maria Luisa, the second wife of Napoleon and daughter of Francis I. The construction of the road lasted from 1803 to 1811, with several interruptions. The total length was 141 km. A historic importance bring as well interesting route markings along the way. A number of stone mile markers, which follow the route and note distance, still exist along the present-day D3 state route and its interesting to see. These original tablets, use Austrian postal miles to denote distance and are written in German. Later markers, use kilometres for distance and are written in Croatian. The joy of riding this route is truly amazing and it famous for many European bikers, its one of the best biker routes to the Adriatic and definite must ride. The route will bring us to Istria, often called little Tuscany due to its natural lanscapes, small beautiful medeival towns on the hills and extraordinary beauty of the whole peninsula.  

Accompanied with amazing and delicious Istrian local cuisine specialties like local veal Boškarin, truffles, prosciutto, pljukanci (famous and delicious local pastry), žgvacet (combination of chicken meat and pasta or polenta). Continental part of Croatia is familiar with the term “stew”, and Istria has a different one – žgvacet. Sauce deriving from sauteing chicken, with tomato and famous excellent local malvazija white wine go splendidly with Istrian pasta fuži or polenta, depending on which part of Istria you are.  

We will be combining one more must ride – a coastal Istrian ride from Opatia to Plomin, famous “Plomikna”, one more of best bikers routes and then heading into inlands of Istria, charming towns of Motovun, Oprtalj, Momjan, Grožnjan, Buje, plenty of wine areas and ending the day again at the western coast of Istria Adriatic where we will have a relaxing and fun night in Novigrad, beautiful coastal city. This part of Istria is having a strong Italian influence as in the history it has been a part of Italy and there is a Italian community living in this part of Istria so you will see many bilingual signs of the streets and hear Italian language sometimes on the streets. 

Day 4

Coast and hilly inlands of Istria, Lim fjord, nothern Adriatic Islands! Lamb on Cres and Seafood in Lošinj!

After leaving Novigrad, we will visit famous Lim fjord. The Lim bay and valley is a peculiar geographic feature found near Rovinj and Vrsar on the western coast of Istria, south of Poreč, Croatia. The name comes from the Latin limes for "limit", referring to the landform's position at the border of two Roman provinces: Dalmatia and Italia. The Lim valley (Limska draga or Limska dolina) is the 35 km long valley of the river Pazinčica, which transforms into the Lim bay (Limski zaljev), a 10 kilometer long estuary. The Croats sometimes also call it Limski kanal ("Lim channel"), due to its narrow width.  

The estuary is sometimes called a fjord, although it is not in fact a fjord but a ria, because it was not carved by a glacier but by the river eroding the ground on its way to the Adriatic Sea, when the sea level was lower. We will not miss the oysters tasting as it is one of the must taste specialties of the area. However there is a lot to see and experience in our todays ride and we will be heading on towards Rovinj (check out the photos and no words are needed ?), then going further down south to Pula and its famous Roman arena in the very center of the town, nearby breath taking Stone Cape (Rt Kamenjak).   

Our route will guide us through Istria all the way to the ferry boat port where we will pass in a short ferry ride to the archipelago of Cres and Lošinj islands. Amazing island ride, a must taste sheep dishes in several varieties in some of local konobas (authentic local restaurants) is certainly not to miss and no way you pass Cres without tasting it. Continuing our amazing island ride futher down south to Lošinj where we will be enjoying a true Mediterranean experience in all its senses. Smells, tastes, cuisine, sea, islands vegetation. Simply amazing. Lošinj is famous as well as an Island of vitality, famous for its air and sea currents that combine a special mix of extraordinary wellbeing. We will have a great fun in Lošinj revealing a true Mediterranean cuisine gems.  

Day 5

Epic must ride and on of the best bikers routes! Adriatic coastal route down south!

The next morning we will continue our island hopping ride from Lošinj, Cres, to Krk and passing another ferry ride, before coming back to the mainland and a true jewel of motorcycle riding! Famous Adriatic coastal route!  This is one of the most scenic coastal rides worldwide and a true must ride. Every year thousands of European bikers come here and combine a stunning ride with some fun on the coast. Breath taking sceneries, seaside with numerous places to stop for a swim, having a great food or just relax in the shades with a beer, coffee or a cocktail. And what is the best, it is not a tourist-crowded as there are many places to have your peace and enjoy the silence if you get tired of the ride. No matter if you want to ride the islands, the coast, reach all the way south to beautiful Dubrovnik or combine a bit of sea and the coastal ride with inlands, it is all doable in a friendly environment and amazingly good and safe roads. The Velebit mountain on one side and the hundreds of miles of a beautiful coast and sea views will completely overwhelm you in this great Adriatic adventure.  We can always customize the itinerary for the predefined group and adjust the pace depending if you want to enjoy the ride, or have a bit easier pace and enjoy the seaside, have some food and wine tastings or you wish to take a boat trip in a combination, we can do it all. All you need to do is to tell us your preferences and we can customize the tour or the day and will give you the options and recommendations so you can adjust your dream trip. In the late afternoon or early evening we will be reaching the city of Zadar, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the harbour part called “Greeting to the sun”, with famous “Sea organ”, an architectural marvel – a stone shore playing with the power of the wind and sea waves, a must experience when in Zadar. Zadar has many historic monuments dating from ancient Roman times and is one of the most beautiful cities of Adriatic.   

Day 6

From Zadar across epic inlands, passing fields of olive growes and wineyards, to Krka waterfalls national park and beautiful historic Šibenik

Leaving Zadar we will be heading further down south alongside the Adriatic shore before turning inlands through amazing landscapes of southern hilly regions where the smells of Mediterranean vegetation, surrounded by miles and miles of olive groves before reaching the famous Krka waterfalls national park. Its is a true jewel in the southern inlands of Croatia, a place where famous Nikola Tesla tested and installed his first powerplant that was the first European hydroelectric power plant and the place where nearby city of Šibenik got the electricity thanks to Nikola Tesla invention  It was put into operation two days after the world's first hydroelectric power plant at Niagara Falls was put into operation.  This famous power plant at Krka waterfalls made Šibenik the first city in the world with street lights powered by alternating current (AC). We are now in the heart of Dalmatia, Šibenik is a must see, and we will visit the old town, with one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the Mediterranean. The building of the church was initiated in 1402, though plans on its construction had already begun in 1298, when Šibenik became a municipality. More interesting facts about Šibenik read HERE 

After a great inlands ride, exploring the Krka waterfalls national park and a possible swim in the river or the sea, passing through ethno villages with the famous local dishes like veal under the bell (called “peka”) and ending the day in yet another stunning historic city of Adriatic – Trogir for a fun and delicious traditional dinner. 

Day 7

Up the mountain! Dare to walk the glass the skywalk on Biokovo before heading further south to Dubrovnik!

Our costal adventure continues further sown south to alongside the coastal route with the view to the southern islands. Our destination today is Dubrovnik! But we have a lot to explore and enjoy along the route. One of the exciting points is in the middle of the route and it takes a ride up the mountain of Sv. Jure, above Makarska. It is the top of Biokovo mountain, a paved road takes us there until we reach the glass bridge with a stunning view to the Adriatic sea, islands and distant sea horizon (in clear weather even Italian shores are visible too). It’s a breath taking in every sense. Dare to take a walk the glass walk above the cliffs, it’s a true experience of a lifetime and a story to tell (of course, don’t worry, a beer to take afterwards is a must if you need to calm a bit the excitement). Going down off the mountain we will continue along the shore of Adriatic further down to the Neretva valley, famous agricultural area where watermelons, mandarins, strawberries are grown. This part is also famous for its pirates history, and a food like frogs and eel fish. Neretva region was, with Omis, a great centre of pirates. Especially before 10 century. Venetians have tried for centuries to suppress the famous pirates from Neretva, but they never succeeded. At the peak of its power, in the 12th and 13th century, the Omis Pirates were the scariest and most powerful pirates in the whole Mediterranean Sea. 

The Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea has had an advantage over the western coast because of its indented coastline. Numerous islands, bays and canals were safer routes to travel than the open sea, and such conditions have enabled the development of piracy. In the Middle Ages town was dangerous pirate stronghold on the east coast. Indented Croatian Adriatic coast favoured the development of piracy due to a number of islands, channels and bays. If we add to that the Cetina River with its monumental canyon and numerous stone cliffs, it is clear why city has became a pirate stronghold. 

After exciting day full of great rides, beautiful coastline and mountain top views, exciting historic areas we will be passing, in the evening we will be reaching one more marvel of the Mediterranean – famous city of Dubrovnik a former Dubrovnik Republic, incredible glorious historic city.  

Day 8

Rest day in Dubrovnik

Rest day in Dubrovnik. We will be having a leisure day, free time to explore the glorious Dubrovnik, have a walk on the city stone walls, take a boat ride around Dubrovnik, swim on the nearby beaches or take a funicular ride to the hilltop with a stunning view to Dubrovnik. There are plenty of ways to spend a great rest day in Dubrovnik and we will make sure to offer you some of the best options that will completely fulfil all your senses. In case you wish to ride anyway, we can customize a riding day as well. 

Day 9

Vineyards and beautiful roads of Pelješac

Today is a great riding day combined with the Pelješac peninsula vinyards and views. We have planned it not to be too long in mileage but to have a relaxing ride in order to be able to enjoy the authentic places of this beautiful region combined with the visits of some of the amazing local vineries. This peninsula is famous for vineyards and we will be riding miles and miles with the view of green vineyards surrounding us and the views of the sea in an awesome curvy and nice and easy hilly landscape ride. It is a must to stop and taste a bit of wine in some of the most famous vineries. We will take it easy today before reaching Orebić, a place we intend to spend the night and after the short training of the wine experience along the amazing route, we will be able to reward ourselves and enjoy the evening of this awesome wine region to the fullest.    

Day 10

Crossing to Bosnia!

Leaving Pelješac peninsula, we will be heading back to inlands all the way to the Bosnian borders, visiting the Blue and Green lakes in Imotski and continuing further towards Split through one of the great inlands bikers routes. We will be reaching Split in the afternoon with many possibilities to spend the evening (a boat ride, swim, a city visit, depending what you prefer in case you arrive as a group). 

Day 11

Coming back, Plitvice national park!

We will be leaving Split in the morning heading up towards Zagreb through the beautiful inlands ride, passing the Plitvice National park and a possibility (depending on the authorities regulations) to visit a former military airport built in the hill, an outstanding former east block military airbase nearby and some of the historic cities along the way. We will not miss the chance to eat the famous grilled lamb, a true must in some of the restaurants alongside scenic inlands ride on our way to Zagreb. Reaching Zagreb in the evening we will gather for a farewell dinner looking forward and  planning a next great motorcycle adventure. See you soon!  

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