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We were riding Adriatic tour. Our guide was phenomenal. He knew the roads inside and out and took us to so many different areas with beautiful vistas, winding mountain passes and incredible sweepers through...
... the countryside. His personal touch choosing great places to eat and connecting us with the places and people we visited added so much to all of the incredible riding every day.
Paul Biddinger, Milton, Massachusetts, United States
Having just finished a Dolomites and Tuscany tour I cannot recommend this tour highly enough from the professionalism of the whole company from the first night greeting to the end of the tour. A big thank you...
... to Miljenko but especially to Eric and Igor who\\\'s behind the scenes organisation kept us safe, fed with amazing food and accommodated in first class facilities and I think we all completed the ride as much better riders due to Eric and Igor\\\'s tips. Also huge thank you to Tomaz, his smile and insights each morning and evening as he helped with the bags and our hotel check in was appreciated. 5 stars Everything about the tour was excellent, from the fact we had 2 tour guides for a group of 9 ensuring no one ever got lost. As I can testify to, after taking a wrong exit at a roundabout and then being rescued by Igor, to the support van with a spare bike if required.
Scott Harvey, Wembley Downs, Australia
Well, what can I say Mike you have certainly created a fantastic product with mototourseurope.com. We have just returned to New Zealand from 9 weeks of tripping around the world and part of this trip involved...
... completing the 14-day Eastern European Treasures Tour from the 27th of August to the 9th of September with Bob our guide. There ended up being 4 of us with 2 Canadian friends 2 Kiwis and Bob. From the initial inquiry using the website which I found easy to navigate and that\'s saying something from a mid-60s Kiwi pensioner. Meeting both Mike and Bob at our hotel in Vienna quickly put our minds at ease with regard to the upcoming tour. Mike explained it all in detail and with the paperwork completed took us downstairs to view the bikes for the first time. They were presented in immaculate condition complete with top box and side panniers. Late model low mileage BMW\'s and I must thank you again Mike for loaning me your own Africa Twin for the tour which was a pleasure to ride. We were then taken out for dinner and drinks which was a fantastic start to what was an absolutely top trip. Bob had done all the scouting for this trip along with other tours as we found out during the tour and we have seen parts of the world that I would not have found had I tried to do this on my own. Now here in NZ we can end up traveling 5500kms in the same time that we did 2200kms on this tour but found that the average riding day of 270kms was certainly enough and allowed plenty of time in the afternoon to enjoy the local beers. All of the accommodation in the cities was centrally located which made it easy to explore the main sites and all accommodation was of excellent standard including the castle stay up in the Tatas mountains. The food what more can I say than fantastic we ended up letting Bob organize a selection of local food every night which worked extremely well and Bob would also suggest places to dine on our layover days. During the day we would stop for morning coffee great lunches and an afternoon drink break before reaching our destination for the day. If anyone out there is considering a motorbike tour of Europe I certainly would not look any further than mototourseurope and if I had to rate this tour out of 10 with 10 being great I would have to rate it at 15. We are already looking to return in 2025 to let Bob lead us on his favorite tour the 16-day Balkans Adriatic and Albania Explorer. If anyone would like to know more please contact me directly and I will certainly provide any additional information. Once again Mike, Bob what a fantastic tour which I certainly will not forget and have lots of photos to remember it by.Regards Dale
Dale Carley, New Plymouth, New Zealand
I can’t say enough good things about Moto Tours Europe and its founder/CEO Mike Kralj. We (five of us) had originally planned a self-guided and self-planned motorcycle trip that fell apart because one of our...
... colleagues couldn’t make it. So I contacted two other moto tour companies to see if they could arrange a guided motorcycle trip for us. They couldn’t for various reasons. But Mike and Moto Tours Europe (and our Moto Tours Europe guide Stephan) came to the rescue. They arranged a 14-day, custom southern Spain/Portugal tour in no time, all of us getting brand new BMW 1250 GSs. The bikes were perfect, the hotels that they reserved were fabulous (all air conditioned, most with a fitness center, and great food), the routes were amazing, the destination cities just perfect for riding and touring, and the food spectacular. And every day went off without a hitch, a bump or a snag. This is my 4th European motorcycle tour and the first with Moto Tours Europe, and it was without a doubt the best of all the tours I’ve done. I cannot more heartily endorse Mike, Stefan, and Moto Tours Europe on every parameter.
Claude Stern, Palo Alto, California, United States
From the moment I met Joža (Yosh) washing my bike in the hotel parking lot, I knew I was in good hands. A faultlessly kind, capable, caring, and gentle bear of a man, Joža proved himself to be an absolutely...
... outstanding group leader. An extremely capable rider, he lead us through difficult mountain passes, extreme weather, city traffic, all with a smile and an easy laugh. Bringing up the rear, keeping us safe and organized, was Robert a.k.a. Bob a.k.a. Rob a.k.a. Grrrrrba. Also quick with a smile and a laugh, Grba always had something interesting and informative to offer about all the stops on our Best of the Alps tour. His political, historical, and geographical knowledge was truly unparalleled, and I learned a lot of very valuable information. Rounding out the group was our trusty van driver Mario, making sure we were always checked-in with bags in hand at every stop. I opted out of the ride on our day off and enjoyed a 3 hour 10 kilometre hike in the Dolomites with Mario, a truly awe-inspiring time spent with a new friend. The riding on this tour was challenging, technical, and never boring. Each rest and coffee stop was well-earned, and we all came away better riders and better friends. Bonds form quickly under extreme circumstances and that is exactly what happened for me on this tour. Not to be outshined by the riding, all the accommodations and meals were top notch. I thank Joža, Robert, and Mario wholeheartedly for a once in a lifetime experience, and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a unique and exciting experience!
Jonathan Giles, Bridgewater, Canada
Our trip of a lifetime through the Dolomites and Tuscany regions of Italy was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The breathtaking landscapes and winding roads offered a truly exhilarating experience. The warmth...
... and hospitality of Igor, Erik and Tomaz was a delightful layer to the trip. Igor who made us laugh all the time and gave me (Cathi) pointers on counter-steering (even touched my foot peg to the ground on turns) was a joy to be around. Erik was as the best leader we could ask for on the road and always kept us safe. Tomaz, with his go to attitude and welcoming smile for us at the end of each days journey. Our connections we made with them and our fellow riders, enriched our adventure.Every twist and turn of the road in the Dolomites and Tuscany was a reminder of the sheer beauty of our planet. It was a trip that touched the soul and left an indelible mark on our hearts. If you\'re a motorcycle enthusiast and a lover of stunning landscapes, this journey is an absolute must. It truly was a trip of a lifetime.
Cathi & Dave Knittig, St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
I just had the absolute pleasure of experincing the Eastern European Treasures Tour from August 27th to September 9 2023. This was my first Europen bike tour and what an amazing experience! From the time we...
... arrived at our hotel in Vienna and were greeted by Mike (Owner) and Bob our tour guide with a nice cold local beer and a fabulous dinner I knew we were in good hands. Mike, congratulations on putting together a top notch, first class tour company. From the newer bikes to the excellent accomodations and the awesome meals, everything exceeded my expectations. Not to mention our amazing tour guide. Thanks again for everything Bob. You went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy and very well taken care of. The beautiful, scenic routes you chose for us were a great mix even for my limited riding skills. Count me in for the Balkans in 2025! I would highly recommend MototoursEurope for anyone considering a first class European Tour!
Ted Tweedie, Burnaby, BC Canada
I've just finished a tour with Moto Tours Europe. The trip (Dolomites / Tuscany) was selected by reading the reviews and by the detail covered in the tour description. I'm delighted to say it exceeded my...
... expectations. Erik, Igor and Tomaz worked continuiosly to ensure we were safe, well informed and happy. Their humour and expert advice was fluid throughout the tour providing me with many hours of laughter, and heart thumping adrenaline pumping excitement. Thank you for a memorable experience.
Peter Pritchard, Perth/Applecross, Australia
I am not sure how to put the grandeur of the Best of the Alps tour into words. I suppose I can begin with the equipment... All of the bikes were late model and in new condition. Some of the bikes had as few as...
... a couple of thousand kilometers on them You could tell that the machines were meticulously cared for and well maintained. On to the tour itself... There is something for everyone on this ride. If you want to scoot along in the twisties and enjoy the pristine European road surfaces, you can ride near the front. If you just want to relax and enjoy the stupendous scenery, you can do that to. I cannot count the number of times I heard, \"Every stop, everywhere you look is a postcard\". I do not believe that it is possible to put the views into words through the 20+ mountain passes . From the early days visiting a massive ski jump, to the final days in the Dolomites, this trip is a feast for the eyes and senses. Now, on to the best part of the trip and what really made it all worthwhile... The staff... Joža, our tour leader is truly a once in a lifetime guy. Big Joe (His new nickname) was always quick with a laugh and a smile. His personality is simply infectious, it is impossible to not have a great time in his presence. A beyond competent rider, the navigation of Magellan, and flawless personality, the tour would have been lesser by far without him. On to Robert... Or, Bob, Or Grrrrba. I believe he will answer to almost anything. Robert also had a consistent smile on his face as he regaled the group with a near encyclopedic knowledge of every area on the trip. Hearing his stories about riding 50,000 Km on one trip left me in awe of the places he has seen. Last but not least we had Mario in the support van. Mario selflessly made sure that our trip was flawless over and over. Every evening we arrived to the accommodations to meet Mario with our room keys and luggage waiting. Always willing to take care of even the smallest detail was really the icing on the cake. As difficult as it is to describe the views into words, these three gentlemen leave me for a loss . As I sit here in the Airport lounge heading home, I am already looking on the website for next years ride.
Ken Ward, Gilbert, Arizona, United States
I just had the most amazing experience of my life and I will never forget it. This is my first motorcycle tour and I can’t imagine going anywhere else with anyone else. Everything exceeded my expectations...
... and with every day I was more and more surprised with everything included; the hotels, food, guides, service, riding, excursions. The whole thing was so seamless and easy, all I had to do was wake up and make sure I was ready for the day and enjoy. Our guides Jo, Bob, and Mario made the trip truly what it was with their infectious personalities and I don’t want it to end. I plan to book again next year and can only hope it will live up to the bar that’s been set so high. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait for next time!!!!
Danielle Rocheleau, Traverse City, Michigan, Unites States


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